Club Sports Clinic Day


Join several of the UW Club Sports teams as they invite you to meet club officers, learn a new sport, or sharpen your skills. You can take part in demonstrations and informal practice sessions. Saturday, September 27: on the IMA Turf Field (north of the IMA): 11am-12pm Men's & Women's Ultimate; 12pm-1pm Men's & Women's Soccer; 1pm-2pm Men's & Women's Rugby; 2pm-3pm Men's & Women's Lacrosse. In the IMA Building: 9:30 am Cycling (entrance bike racks); 11am-12pm Dance (Studio 216); 11am-12pm Archery (Archery Room); 12pm-1pm Aikido (Mat Room B);12pm-1pm Kung Fu/Tai Chi (Studio 216); 12pm-2 pm Men's & Women's Volleyball (Gym C); 1pm-2pm Shotokan Karate (Studio 216); 1pm-2pm Tae Kwon Do (Mat Room B); 1pm-2pm Badminton (Gym B); 1pm-3pm Squash (Court 3 & 4); 2pm-3pm Kendo (Studio 216); 2pm-3pm Judo (Mat Room B); 2pm-3pm Table Tennis (Gym B).


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  • Drop-In Event

Intramural Activities Building (IMA) & Turf Field

Saturday, September 27th

9:30 AM–3:00 PM