The University of Washington and the U District Partnership present Up Your Ave, a welcome event for incoming and returning UW students. From NE 41st St to NE 50th St all along University Way NE, a.k.a. "The Ave," During Up Your Ave, students travel “the Ave” collecting stamps from participating businesses. Additionally there are booths located along the sidewalks for sponsors, non-profits and other U District Businesses. The event culminates with a Party on the Street with music and games! There will be live music and tables with information on community involvement organizations. Great prizes, games and give-aways are featured at our local businesses. Come learn how you can get involved in your new community, check out the local scene, and explore the many restaurants and shops along "The Ave." Get all of the required stamps in your "Passport" and claim your free "UP YOUR AVE" T-shirt.


  • Community Connections
  • Music and Entertainment


  • Drop-In Event
  • Transfer Highlight

University Way NE, from NE 41st to NE 50th

Friday, September 26th

3:00 PM–6:30 PM