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How do I get here?
Do I need to check in?
Is Husky Kick-Off mandatory?
Are the events free?
Will I meet other students?
Can I bring family and friends?

How Do I Get Here?
Need help getting to campus for Dawg Daze? Bus schedules available at

Do I need to check in for Dawg Daze?
Don’t forget to check-in for your VIP access to all Dawg Daze events. To receive your Schedule of Events and Dawg Pass, be sure to check in for Dawg Daze once you are on campus at the following locations:

Is it mandatory that I attend Husky Kick-Off?
All new students are expected to attend Husky Kick-Off. For those of you in a FIG/TrIG, this will be your chance to meet your FIG/TrIG leader and the other incoming students in your group for the first time; Husky Kick-off will also count as your first meeting of the quarter. For those of you NOT in a FIG/TRIG this will be a great opportunity to connect with other students, and it is expected that you also attend.

Are the events free?
The majority of Dawg Daze events are free, with a few exceptions. However, some of the events charge a small cost for food, such as the President’s Picnic.

Will I meet other students?
Yes, Peer Connections during Husky Kick-Off event will be a great opportunity to meet fellow new freshmen and transfer students. This session marks a great opportunity to meet a knowledgeable upper-class student, and to start making connections with other new students with similar interests. Note: If you are in a FIG/TRIG, your group will consist of your fellow FIG/TRIG students; if you are a transfer student, you will meet a transfer student or experienced UW upper-class student. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

Can my Parents / Friends / Family come to Dawg Daze?
Yes, no, well maybe! Students are welcome, and encouraged, to bring their parents, family, and friends to certain events at the beginning of Dawg Daze. However, most of the events are geared toward new students. These events are designed to provide new students with opportunities to meet and interact with other incoming students!